Teak Wood Frames to Beautify Your Home

Wooden frames are most primitive art, widely used all over the world and serve as a protective covering for the items like pictures, mirror, poster, or even for windows and doors, in addition to contributing aesthetic looks to the framed item. Indian Teak wood frames, are in high demand in the markets all over the world. This is primarily because of its skilled craftsmen and high quality of designs. The types of wood that can be used for wooden frames ranges from Teak, Shesham, Mahogany, Maple,Redwood, Spruce,Oak etc.


Teak wood frames add beauty to the room it is placed in. The frames made from this wood are used mostly in Hotels, Resorts, Temples, Houses & building where an architectural look is required. The frames can either be customized according to the choice of the customer or we also get ready made frames. Teak wood frames are even available in oval, rectangular or round shapes.

The exquisite designs of the teak wood frames range from classic to contemporary. Traditional arches with complex intertwined models are all time favourites. The frames are handcrafted with variety of finishes Frames are available in various size and pattern and finishes. These are also hand painted in different colors, inlaid or simply designs are carved of the frames. It all depends on the creativity of the artist who is designing it.


Attractively designed and inscribed wooden frames beautify the whole room and depict the taste of the art lover. In fact, wooden frames used to be a very essential item in ancient times. They have been in style for over hundred decades and ever since mirrors were invented, frames became an important element to the mirrors. And one would find it in almost every home, be it of rich or poor. But since, nowadays, Teak Wood is quite an expensive wood, it finds place only in the rich and influential class.

Countries like India, China, Sri Lanka are known for their intricate and beautiful looking carved wooden handicrafts. The artisans in these countries are skilled from generations to create these artifacts from wood.

Antique teak wooden frames are quite sought after by art lovers across the globe. A Teak wood frame is always of excellent quality and is quite valuable. The finishing assures that the wooden frame remains undamaged for long years as the teak wood, in itself has a life expectancy of 75 years if left untreated, due to its natural rubber content.

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